Hello, my name is Barbara and I am 25 years old and I am the proud owner of image0Nubiabeautyy. I come from a Ghanaian background which I am extremely proud of but I was born and raised in London, South London. I am a mother to a beautiful three year old girl who inspires and motivates me every day.

Tell me about your business and what inspired you to start?

Nubiabeautyy is a home based beauty salon where I provide treatments such as; ladies body waxing, individual eyelash extensions and eye treatments. I love what I have built especially as it has grown so much over the past few months.

I started Nubiabeautyy from a place of difficulty. I was working full time, paying full time child care and actually struggling to live. One day at work I thought to myself what side hustle can I do? I originally thought of starting a lash brand but through research I realised that I didn’t have the capital to start. That’s when I said I’m going to do waxing instead. I searched online for affordable courses and spoke to my own waxers and they advised me of what to do. Honestly, it was really difficult and I faced so many challenges in the beginning but I overcame it and now Nubiabeautyy offers different treatments and we have regular clients who come back every month. Which is honestly an amazing feeling as it is hard work maintaining a business.

What makes your business different ?

What makes Nubiabeautyy different is that we use high quality products for our treatments, our customer service is exceptional and we are passionate about what we do. We dedicate time slots for each and every client so the treatments aren’t rushed and in doing so are clients get more for their money. The staff at Nubiabeautyy also take regular training course so that their skills and knowledge are on par with the industry. We also offer mini consultations before the appointment to ensure the treatments are right for the clients.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

Funny enough I don’t like questions like this because whatever I plan doesn’t happen because that’s life. But I have high hopes for the brand Nubiabeautyy, we will be an international beauty service that people will recognise. We will be launching our website very soon which will be selling some products we feel people need. We are excited for that! What I will say is stay tuned because they are big things coming.

What would you say makes your business successful ?

I think the reviews from clients gives us that successful feeling. Every positive review we receive makes the business grow more and more because they trust us to deliver what we have promised. Also making women feel beautiful and confident contributes to the success of this business. There is a lot of expectations when it comes to beauty so for us to meet every clients needs makes us successful. The average returning rating is 52% and according to our statistics we are over that every month. Very proud moment.

Do you ever experience obstacles or challenges, how do you overcome them?

Yes, there is always obstacles in life and in business but the best way to overcome it is to be patient and understanding especially when you are dealing with people (clients) they keep your business going so, you have to develop very good/clear communication skills so you can handle situations better. You will also need to develop the ability to brush things off and move on otherwise you’ll crumble.

What does success mean to you ?

Success means that I am at peace and happy within myself. For along time I thought success meant having loads of money and material things but overtime my fulfilment comes from seeing my daughter growing, seeing her happy and progressing in her life. Eventually, I would love to help women in similar situation to mine overcome what they are going through and I think that’s when I’ll feel really successful.


Is there anything you would have done differently or anything you believe you would have benefited from in the process of implementing your business.

I would have gotten over the fear of failing and starting my business earlier. If I could go back I would have been doing what I really wanted to do instead of doing what society teaches us. I would have believed in myself more and built more confidence along the way. That’s the only thing I would do differently. Otherwise I don’t regret anything, honestly everything in life happens for a reason.

What do you believe is the most important tool to equip an inspiring business owner with?

I think personally you need to take courses in your area of business. It’s important to learn what is going on in your industry and how you can up skill yourself. It is also good to talk to those who you think are successful in your sector to understand how they started and how they maintain their business. Learning is very important and it never stops. In your spare time watch YouTube videos, read blogs and watch seminars.

Can you describe your customers?

My customers are lovely, they come and we have a good laugh I do what I need to do and they love it. I would say because of the area I am based in most of my clients are work professionals and they tend to be older and mature. Which is a nice change.

Where can readers find you ?

You can find my on:

Instagram – @nubiabeautyy

Facebook – @nubiabeautyy

Email – Nubiabeautyy@gmail.com

Website (launching soon) – http://www.nubiabeautyy.com

Stories shared to inspire – If you are an eager entrepreneur and would like to share your story, please email  Akira-Kay@hotmail. 

With Love,

Akira Kay

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