I took my eye off the ball. I felt that lump in my throat and I thought to hold back the tears. I was embarrassed. I was a personal stylist. I was good at my job, enjoyed it but didn’t love it.

I was going through depression and calling into work with the flu seemed more feasible than explaining that I was feeling like shit and couldn’t get out of bed.

Pop up Lēmra Stand – Croydon Fair

I’ve always worked whilst studying. I’ve had colleagues that worked retail all their lives, colleagues that had degrees and masters but had been stuck in retail for years.

Some got fed up of applying for jobs and others got complacent and were scared of anything new.

When I first DEEPED that I lost my job, I was literally freaking out.The first thing that came to mind was how am I going to pay my bills, do the things that I love and buy shoes ( I have only bought two pair of heels over the last four months ). I was extremely embarrassed and only told close ones what really happened. However growing up as a young person with Faith, I trusted and believe that God always makes a way.

But Loosing my job activated something inside me that I never knew existed; Survival. I am now in survival mode.
First I had to do a deep self analysis. I asked myself these 4 questions.

1. What do I want to do next?
2. What are my issues & how can I work around them ?
3. What motivates me ?
4. How can I make some money?

and this is what I got out of it.

1.1 Ultimately I have always been working towards my career goal. So I know that doing something industry related was the most productive thing to do whether that being paid or unpaid. Something to benefit my own business or someone else’s (see point 2.2)

2.2 My issues with working in retail were the common ones e.g. Working for someone else, lack of flexibility, silly pay, annoying customers etc you know the rest. This made me acknowledge that maybe working for someone else isn’t what I want to do at the moment. Even though I’ve had my own business for a year now, I haven’t been working on it full time. So I was aware that I wanted to take this further.

3.3 Understanding yourself and what motivates you to work and work harder is extremely important. Knowing that my work can help individuals with issues that they face or are going through is extremely important to me. This is what encouraged me to start blogging.

4.4 I’m not sure how many times I’ve searched this on google but “different ways to earn money” is definitely an interesting feed. I learnt that the average millionaire has 6 forms of income. I have figured out my talents and interest and I am looking into and exploring how I can turn it into a source of income.
Life is simply what you make it.

No, I don’t have a steady or consistent income. However opportunities are arising from the work that I do for free and I am grateful. I have more time to work on me and what I do best and I am grateful.

Loosing my job gave me an even larger “get up and go attitude”. If you want something, you have to get up and go get it.

Always stay hungry and thirsty for what you want. Never get complacent with what the world offers you whilst in search for what’s yours.

Bad, annoying things will definitely happen but don’t be defeated. It maybe a curve ball but you can make the decision on how ( whether positive or negative) or if it will affect you.



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