Happy Freakin Hus day!!
Hus for hustle, because every day we get it and Hus for JHus because the elite musician released his long awaited album ‘Big Conspiracy’, with features including Koffee and my personal favourite Burna Boy, this album has definitely hit differently. I mean the guy said ‘shaytan in police uniform, feds in a helicopter, I’ve seen pigs fly but never seen a unicorn’. I mean…….. Conspiracy is defined as ‘A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful’- He must have laced this album with crack because I can not.

The people’s favourite rapper Jhus aka Juju man J, who is known for his controversial tweets and recently received some backlash after accusing society of ‘forcing LGBT’ on him has been using his Ipad (nothing wrong with that just find it funny) to cause some stir.

Screenshot (43)
So for the past 2 months JHus has been tweeting like a parody account, that has had people talking and question whether his controversial tweets came from a place of insanity or divine intellect that goes above the heads of the common lol.
Some being thought provoking; the kind of posts that has you contemplating on society, identity, the whys and the hows. And the motivational posts that rattle your consciousness as an alert for change because sometimes we all need a little bit of kick ass motivation that leaves us in a world of contemplation, to the point where we have to get up and do something about it.

Either way, his personality has shun and ties in perfectly with the ‘Big Conspiracy’.
Here’s a few of my fave tweets from heavy papa..

With Love,

Akira Kay

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