Isn’t the year going crazy fast? We are in the middle of the year, the days are longer and summer is here kinda lol. Us Brits as per are just trying to make do with this bipola British weather whilst we wait impatiently for our so desperately needed vacations.


Although I have no booked trips in the pipeline, I know a beach will be seeing my fine ass sometime soon which actually ties into this weird newly adopted boujie habit of booking flights last but we will go into that a little more later.

So in May I ventured on my second solo trip of the year and travelled to the beautiful city of Milan. A 4 day return flight for £70 and expenses under £60 as I stayed with a friend, what was there to complain about Other than nearly carrying someone else’s suitcase ALL THE WAY FRICKIN HOME. Thankfully my suitcase was right where I left it but to tell you the truth I was on a brink of a meltdown and was over it and wanted to go back home LOL.


Besides that, the weather was beautiful, the food was amazing and the city is definitely one to remember. I had nothing planned and unlike when I am home in London, time was on my side and the world my oyster. The plan was to chill out, look cute, go with the flow and make the most of the time I had in the beautiful city of Milan.

Ok, lets get into it. So every time I travel solo, my friends, family and others that feel its necessary to comment on my shenanigans are always surprised and question whether I am going mad and always seem slightly concerned. Tbh if I was looking at me, I would be concerned too.

The key to travelling alone, I believe is confidence and the key confidence is preparation and preparation is key to a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Here are a few pointers:


Be confident in your choice of location; is it safe, is it expensive, what do you know about your choice of location?

Dates – Are the dates you have chosen cost effective, are there any public holidays that can affect your stay, have you booked one way or is it cheaper to book a return?

Accommodation – Is the location safe, what is transport like in the area, what are the locals like, how far is the nearest town, Is it bed and breakfast, inclusive or will you be eating out ?

The best way to find the answer to all these questions is extensive research with the right tools and your girl is about to equip you with them and getchu feeling 10/10 confident:
Solo Traveller Essentials

  1. City Mapper – Free App

My fave app period! Great for navigating around cities via public transport. With real-time departures. Transit maps. Line status and real-time disruption alerts available for multiple cities world wide. With a simple design , colour coding and clear icons, not only do I use this app at home but I have used it in the city of Milan and New York and I didn’t get lost once okurrr.

2. Hopper – Free App

The best app for keeping you up to date with the best dates to travel and at the cheapest rates. The app watches “billions of flight prices a day” in order to give you the best deals and to predict if prices are going to increase or go down. The design is clean, straight forward with a colour coded calendar when searching for flights. Red days are the most expensive, green are the least pricey. And the best thing is there is no need to keep an eye out for price drops because Hopper sends you notifications.

3. Tripwhistle – Free App

Trip Whistle another one of my personal faves. Did you know 911 is not a universal number? Trip Whistle is a app that helps you know emergency numbers world wide. It allows you to access help faster by allowing you to dial the local police, fire, and ambulance with a single touch. The app provides critical information to emergency services with in-app location access.

4. CityMaps2Go – Free App

CityMaps2Go is not only a useful offline map if you have limited data or no access to the internet abroad. It also suggests content based on what you like to explore in the city that you are visiting and allows you to create a personalised list of things to do.

5. Uber – Free App

Although I am really beginning to dislike Uber, I think they banned me to be honest, not sure why lol but before my next trip I defo have to sort it. Uber is a very useful app to use abroad, quick and easy to navigate, this app allows you to travel from A-B in most countries quick and efficiently.

6. Post Office Travel card

Ouuu this card is so handy, especially if you download the Free app to go with it. I for one have 0 time to run up and down finding the best rates to exchange money. With the post office travel card app you can transfer money from your current account to your Post office travel card with one quick swipe and you can use it free of charge world wide.

7. Selfie stick

Sounds obvious but its the best tool to avoid the awkward conversation of asking a stranger to take a photo of you. However I still encourage you guys to step out your comfort zone and ask someone. The answer could only be no and it will most likely be a yes unless they are a grumpy old sod.

8. Portable charger

Of course a portable charger or two if you have these rip off Iphones or snapchat drains your battery. A portable charger is vital for those long days exploring, who wants to miss out om savoiring memories becauae of a dead battery.

And there you have it the ultimate guide to the perfect solo trip. Be prepared and be confident your decisions. Keep your girl updated and feel free to comment below. Happy holiday and happy travelling.

lots of love,


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Twitter: AkiraKay_

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3 thoughts on “Top Tips For Travelling Solo

  1. I was just considering going away solo and was thinking am i going mad but after reading your tips and downloading your suggested apps i feel a lot more confident in going, thanks girl!!!! Xx


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