Lets Talk Business – MechanLink Interview

  I’m Faruk Ojikutu, 21, from Hackney, North London. My main interests are football, music, tech and creativity in general. Tell me about your business and what inspired you to start? MechanLink is your direct link to local mechanics at competitive prices! We are an online platform that connects vehicle owners and small businesses to … Continue reading Lets Talk Business – MechanLink Interview

Turning Motivational Quotes To Motivating Tools!

When over busy, tired and unorganised often I become overwhelmed and feel a sense of helplessness and frustration which is a huge contributing factor to the feeling of being demotivated.

5 Tips On Saving Your Mula

Convenience is convenient except when it comes to checking your flipping account and wishing you never spent that £20 last week on a Uber (we've all been there). The underlying fact is that every little thing adds up.