If you follow my blogs, you would know that at the beginning of the year I wrote a post onĀ  my TOP 6 holiday destinations for 2017.

Well, I am pleased to announce that I have ticked one of the destinations of my list. yassssssss. I’ve just come back from a quick getaway to Rome andĀ it was absolutely lovely.

Before I continue; I would justĀ like to give props to myself for finding such a great resort, in a great locationĀ andĀ at an amazing price.

I stayed in Roma, a historical area in the heart of Rome for the total of 2 days and 2 nights. In a beautiful 5* luxury bed and bread and breakfast called Navona Palace ResidenzeĀ Di Charme. My stay here was lovely, staff were helpful but breakfast could of been a little better. The hotel also had a spa, so a chilled evening in wouldn’t be a bore.

IĀ managed to cram a lot in during my short stay, mainly down to the fact that theĀ resort was situated in a pedestrian area. Ideal for theĀ beautiful historical monuments and places, restaurants, bars and shopping hotspots thatĀ all within walking distance.

During my visit to Rome I had no intention to spend money on tourist attractions or anything extra. I brought 100 euros and that was just for lunch and dinner I hadĀ a little extra justĀ in case of emergency and that I found was more than enough. My plan was to literally go with the flow and appreciate my surroundings. Which I found to not be an issue. Roma is defiantely one of the most beautiful scenic cities that I have visited so far. There was always something to take interest in, read, learn about and take pictures of.

Of course in theĀ busy streets of Roma thereĀ are plenty ofĀ restaurants to choose from with amazing food at affordable prices. My goal was to try something new and a country delegacy and so of course I could not visitĀ Italy and not have some spaghetti Bolognese.Ā I did and it definitely exceeded my expectations.

Italy is somewhere I definitely will be visiting again. Whether its Rome I don’t know but I know I would like to visit Venice one day. However I would recommend Roma and I would definitely hold these memories with me forever.

So get booking your tickets, to wherever it maybe. Just get travelling.

Lots of Love,

Akira Kay x

sc: Itskiraah

twitter/ig: AkiraKay_

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