If Amber takes Michael back, City boys have officially Won and us hot girls can call it quits because, I. just. cant.

Lol, who am I kidding? So many of us women are adamant for Amber not to take him back (including myself) but we probably would and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber does too. What is it about us women that we are able to dish out our opinions but cant take our own advice when it come to ‘Our man’. I can say it with my chest lol because WE HAVE ALL BEEN THERE. Willing to defend when the receipts say otherwise but its too late for a refund and all the good guys are out of stock (other than Ovie but he is in high demand).


But no no this isn’t just a post for the ladies, so feel free to indirect these men & pass it off as promo lol okurr.

Ok, Part of me is glad that this situation with Amber has come to light so both men and women can really look and observes these toxic traits that so many of us ladies experience and need to run away from as soon as we see some issues (it should be a sin to ignore red flags).

Michael was knowingly labelled by the public as “whipped” on Amber during the first couple weeks of Love island, where he was grafting for tough nut to crack Amber but once that nut was cracked the public voted them one of the top 3 couples.
All jokes aside, this is my first time watching Love Island and even though it always nice to chill out and watch some trash TV after after a long day at work there is something that makes me slightly uncomfortable when watching what’s going on between Amber and Michael. The heartache, confusions and dickhead traits seems all too familiar and I can’t help but feel sorry for Amber.


There has been a lot of back on fourth on social media; team Amber, team Michael… but this is my blog, you can disagree with me if you want but I’d rather you not (always wanted to say that).

Lets have a look at what you guys have been saying:

So whats the issue?


The English defines Gaslighting as manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.

What does it look like?

Michael’s decision to pick faults in Amber’s behaviour and character to try and justify his choice to re-couple with Joanna was a RED FLAG moment for me. There was no sense of responsibility of his decision and instead owning it like the waste-man he is, he blamed Amber. At one point he even said questioning “maybe [she] shouldn’t have laughed” when it was clear Amber did this as a defence mechanism.
His aim was to make us the viewers and Amber (bless her soul) believe that it was her fault that he had left her, when it was clear they never had any crazy issues that justified the re coupling that left viewers flabbergasted. Best word for it.

Wait, the craziest thing is with love island being a cultural phenomenon its absolutely vital that we are also being made aware of what a healthy and unhealthy relationship looks like and the behaviour of ‘the Michael’s (male and females) are being called out.

There are many conversation that pan out every day where one person in a relationship will put the other down constantly , make them feel like they are dramatic, going crazy, and wear them down to the point where they start to doubt themselves.

How to address it?

Leave. Obviously easier said than done. The underlying goal in any form of emotional abuse is to control the victim by discrediting, isolating, and silencing.
1. Establish boundaries.
2. STOP blaming yourself.
3. Realise that you cannot “fix” the person.
4. Build on a support network
5. Work on an exit plan.



& there it is Huns, my first Love Island post. Like if you think I should continue writing post for the reason, comment and share your view & subscribe to stay tuned.

Lots of Love,
Akira Kay

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