I’m not sure how I really feel about reality TV. Part of me enjoys the sitting behind a screen watching someone else’s drama whilst being able to forget about my own. However the other half of me hates it because I could really be doing something more productive.

So, I am hooked on Keeping up with the Kardashians and my sister constantly asks me ‘ why do you watch this s%it ?, your just making them more money.’ But I must admit its something about the lifestyle, I mean who doesn’t want to be more than comfortable?

I am also a fan of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and there’s something different that attracts me to watching this show. Successful black women.

Its not everyday that you get an insight into the lives of successful black females, Juggling their careers, families and businesses. Relatable women, women that have come from difficult circumstances and have made something of themselves rather than being fed off a silver spoon. Part of me was intrigued on how the women got to their present success, what were they doing that I wasn’t and what could I possibly learn from them?

However there is something about  this seasons (season 9) RHOA that changed my perception. Amongst the turmoil of  the rivalry between Kenya and Sheree, Moore Manor Vs Chateau Sheree, divorce, domestic violence and the vicious lesbian rumors and rape accusations between Kandi, Porsha and FAKEdra, there was so much more than a loss of friendship and trust. For all the women and young women around the world that witnessed the gossiping, lies, jealousy and overall callousness of all women within the so called “friendship” group. I am sure that I was not the only viewer that was disappointed in the light that these women are portraying themselves in.

whether its scripted or not, the programme is viewed by many and the motives of some of these women are questioned. When fame and money is in the equation, to what extent are you willing to take in order to get that?

Never sale yourself for anything that compromises who you are.

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lots of love,

Akira Kay

sc: Itskiraah

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_


  1. I had to stop watching for this very reason. I started watching because I was inspired but was out of when I started seeing undesirable behaviours in the women, not something I want to emulate or find remotely inspiring 🙅🏾

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