Current hairstyle

My hair has been cut for just over a year now. Being of Afro Caribbean decent, from a young age I was aware of the versatility and uniqueness of my hair and once I came to love it, I was no longer afraid to use it.

Experimenting with different styles, I realised that my crown of woollen hair was what gave me my power. It not only determined how others viewed me depending on the particular style I wore but it also determined how I viewed and felt about myself. When I was having a “bad” hair day, I honestly did feel self conscious & unattractive but when it looked good I felt great.


Growing up, I never had a huge dislike for my own hair, however I did have a preference. Straight & long was what was considered “good hair” and this is what everyone favoured.
I understood that the media played a huge role in Influencing what society deemed as beauty and what’s wasn’t and it was either you jumped on the train or got left behind.

By the time I was 16 the trend was to wear a 16 – 20 inch Brazilian, Peruvian straight sew in weave. which was what was considered “good hair” and females were paying up to £200 to get it.

I decided to cut my hair when I realised that too much time, money and effort went in to maintaining this level of “beauty”.

Every month I would spend up to..

1. £50 – £100 on hair extensions depending on what type of hair I bought ( I refused to spend more)

2. £50 to get the extensions installed.

3. All day in the hairdressers (time is money) so I’ll say £70 lol.

4. £15 on products to maintain hairstyle.

Whilst trying to budget at uni, I realised I couldn’t really afford this and that I was a slave to my hair and what society considered beautiful.

So I cut it and I doubt I am ever going back to be honest ! And if I get bored due, to the versatility of my hair, I know I can switch it up some how or even fling on a wig.

Long story short, you’ve got good hair. Love it. Enjoy it. Experiment.

Love, Akira-Kay

Sc ItsKiraah
Ig AkiraKay_

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