What’s that look? – Effortlessly Cute

  Hey Ladies, Todays look was in effort of a dear friend of mines 22nd birthday party. The idea of this outfit was to look effortlessly cute. I am constantly complaining about needing new/more clothes because I hate re wearing outfits (my friends get fed up of it). However recently I have found that By … Continue reading What’s that look? – Effortlessly Cute

What’s that look ?

IHey guys, this is a new kind of post for you today and I really hope that you enjoy it. If you don't know already; I am a fashion designer and have an up and coming womenswear brand called LÄ“mra (watch out for it). I am obsessed with new styles and trends and thought it … Continue reading What’s that look ?

Good hair !!

  My hair has been cut for just over a year now. Being of Afro Caribbean decent, from a young age I was aware of the versatility and uniqueness of my hair and once I came to love it, I was no longer afraid to use it. Experimenting with different styles, I realised that my … Continue reading Good hair !!