Happy HUS Day!!!

Happy Freakin Hus day!! Hus for hustle, because every day we get it and Hus for JHus because the elite musician released his long awaited album ‘Big Conspiracy’, with features including Koffee and my personal favourite Burna Boy, this album has definitely hit differently. I mean the guy said ‘shaytan in police uniform, feds in … Continue reading Happy HUS Day!!!

Lets Talk Business – InspireDynasty Interview

Rise & grind, keep your eyes on the prize. Its Monday, its a new week and that means a new week of opportunity. I would like to kick start the week and introduce you to a new weekly segment of my blog "Lets Talk Business" - I will be introducing you to young entrepreneurs that … Continue reading Lets Talk Business – InspireDynasty Interview

Vision boards: Manifest the shit out of 2020

It is year flipping 2020. A wholeeeee new decade, my mind is blown! Speaking of blown LOL; everyone's got the out with the old in with the new feeling and even though we collectively decided to leave bad vibes in 2019 unfortunately on the 3rd day of the year on act of his impeachment petty … Continue reading Vision boards: Manifest the shit out of 2020

Peng And Depressed

My coping mechanism was just to not allow it to consume me. My desire for something more, something better not knowing what but trusting God because hope was the answer when I can't find a tangible one. I have come to terms with the fact that this questionable feeling may never be resolved.