It’s that time of year again; Valentine’s day is only around the corner which means London will soon be overrun with cute teddies, soppy cards and big bunches of red roses. 

It’s that holiday that you either really dread or really enjoy. If we are going to get back to basics; Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and it is an opportunity for us to truly reconnect with the real meaning of this day. 

Before we get into this post, I am happy to share with you guys a Valentine’s blog post. Boom!! -Yes I am going to fill your weekend with some tips and tricks to get you through this love fest period, so subscribe to stay tuned.

Now, there are 6 types of people that emerge during this time of romance and we all have our own coping mechanisms on how to survive valentine’s day single or not. 

But what kind of person are you this valentines, check out the below and let me know. 

Ok So… we have; The Dreamer! 


Dreamer is a single pringle ready to mingle. You might hear the dreamer talking about their  thoughts and hopes for the next valentines.In the meantime they will indulge themselves in fun singleton activities and self pampering. 

Where would you find them on Valentines; going out for a cute dinner or a quick trip to the cinema with their other single friends. 

The Idealist


The idealist is the  person who is guided more by satisfaction than by practical considerations. They are the person that reminds everyone that Valentine’s day is about the love you have for your partner, family and friends as well as yourself. They promote random acts of kindness whether that is with gifts or through acts of affection. 

Where would you find them on Valentines; spending quality time with family and friends. 

The Forever Loner


Their favourite topic to talk about (or should I say complain about) is their ex, how many valentines they have spent alone and sad song lyrics that describe exactly how they are feeling.

Where would you find them on valentines; on social media tweeting about their disgust for couples and public displays of affection. 

The Anti Consumerist 


The Anti Consumerist is woke on the origins of Valentine’s day and refuses to get sucked in. They are annoyed at retailers and the growing consumerism surrounding the holiday. Red is their least favourite colour. 

Where would you find them; At home or at work carrying on with their normal day, minding their business. 

The Show Off


Show off is more than happy to tell you about the gifts that they had received from their loved ones. The conversation usually includes a powerpoint presentation of pictures in different angles followed by a detailed explanation of their great plans for the night.

Where would you find them; A fancy restaurant or a spa and hotel spending quality time with bae. 

The Love Birds


Ok, so the love birds are the couple that aren’t afraid to show acts of public affection. They are super soppy and are proud to share their love for each other on social media. 

If we are talking about relationship twitter, we are referring to them.

Where would you find them; in each others arms. 

The most important thing to take away from this is to always seek happiness in yourself first then within your relationships or  perhaps you are single and having a ball or recovering from a broken heart. No matter what kind of characteristics you display on valentines remember everyone deserves and wants to feel loved.

With Love,

Akira Kay

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