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It’s Friday and its time for mission Grab the bag. I’m back with a post and a gift but we will get to that bit later.

So, last week we spoke about the power of manifesting the shit out of 2020 and using vision boards in order to do so. Well today, I am going to equip you with a tool to help bring those visions of yours to life.

Yes, this is a post about establishing and executing plans. We are going to talk about the importance of writing down your goals.

There is a saying that goes “Any road will get you there, if you don’t know where you are going.” My understanding of this quote is that it is suggesting; when we are referring to goals, we should see them as destinations and the strategy that we use to get there is the road.

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Whatever destination you are trying to reach; it is evident that when we maximise our effectiveness and the quality of the result by having well defined goals and strategies in place, and refining our plan based on the possible factors we see as we execute the plan.

Develop a plan to map out the specifics of your goal. The plan will encourage effectiveness, efficiency and the quality of work. Be purposeful in what you are trying to achieve.

Which goes hand in hand with what I am about to share with you next.
A University study suggests that “those who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those that did not.”

There was a point in my life when I had a slight obsession with notepads. Especially ones with boss ass titles that motivate me to get mine. It took me a while to question the effectiveness, it didn’t matter how many notepads I owned, I found strategising specifics difficult and realised I needed to break the plan down.

So, I created the “Grab The Bag” goal planner.

Ouuuu “what is that” I hear you ask lol. The Grab The bag goal planner is a printable goal planner that prompts you to break down the specifics of your journey towards your destination. Created for you with you in mind and the best part is that it is only £1. Yes, you read correctly. A PRINTABLE Goal Planner.

Grab the bag Goal planner 1

The aim of the planner is to help you create a vision and initiate a plan of action. It prompts you to make benchmark small targets that will lead you towards your goals. That way, you are kept on track and your goals seem less daunting or unbelievable.

It’s time to take control of your life. You are responsible for the choices you make. The choices you make can determine your achievements and your future to be fair. Make a conscious decision to step away from the factors that have a negative effect on the journey you are making. Stay on your path, the journey is yours, no one else’s. Most importantly, don’t compare it to others, the factors they experience will be different from your own.

To download your Planner today, click here!

Happy goal setting.

Best Wishes,

Akira Kay

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