Lets us talk. Real talk. None of that, hmmmm let me filter this shit just in case I might be stepping on someones neck. First of all, before we begin ladies close your eyes; breathe in, breathe out and repeat after me. “ Real ass bi*ch give a fcuk about ah ….” you know the rest.


I recently decided that I am no longer going to be an activate participant in the wild world of dating. Why, you lads ask (lol), because I AM READY TO GET THE FCUK ASAP!! Joking not joking, I just started to find it exhausting talking to multiple people and it getting no where. I figured that if it is meant to be it will be but until then my focus is on securing the bag and self love. Self Love in regards to my well being and happiness this is really important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and as off yet; all I have experienced is, those that have only come to disturb my peace, which needs to be protected at all costs.


Recently there has been a huge discussion on twitter regarding the singer Cassie and her infamous relationship with P.Diddy. Cassie was in a long-term relationship with Diddy from 2007 to 2018 that virtually led to no where. Where as her recent engagement to her new partner Alex Fine and pregnancy announcement has sparked some controversy across social media. Cassie and Diddy’s relationship somewhat reminds me of that famous line; “Let’s be dating each other till I find my future partner”. 

giphy (1)

Many have blamed Diddy for wasting cassies time. Others are looking at it as female empowerment, are women now deciding to take matters into their own hands? Maybe Cassie didn’t want to settle down, marry and have kids with him. Some say Cassie lived her best life for 10 whole years; kids free, bill free and an expensive lifestyle. Then after living her best life she settled down, got married, & pregnant. LOL, the new aged woman. 

At the end of the day anybody can buy you materialistic things, give you money or satisfy those sexual urges. But how many people can actually provide you with the support you need? Whether that is mentally, physically or emotionally? How many people know what keeps you motivate and focused and are willing to help you climb those hurdles and reach those goals?Probably not too many. There is more to dating than just having sex and going to nice places and you hate to see it but even exclusivity. For my opinion its about connection, communication and building something real.

Sometimes it take you showing a guy better than you can tell him, you know the saying “Actions speak louder than words”. No I am not talking about getting revenge by having sex with different men. just simply not being accessible to him ! Reply when you ready. See him when you ready. Let anow it’s privilege fucking w/ you PERIODT.

Love Akira Kay x

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_

Sc: Itskiraah

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