There is nothing worse than being ill equipped when conquering battles. No one in their right mind will go to war without their armour or weaponry.

My issue is, a lot of the problems I am dealing with now, could have easily been avoided or if I knew of the services that were able to help, I am sure things could have been sorted a lot quicker.

Like, how do people even discover this information? A frantic search on google, a random word of mouth an odd flyer on the bus. Jarring *rolls eyes*. My pet peeve is having “accessible free services” that are everything but accessible because no one knows about them.

Well, have no fear! Akira the plug is here lol. One of my desires for this blog is for it to be a go to site of information and resources. A hub thats holds the answers to your needs, who ever you are, whatever your going through.

I grew up hearing the saying “prevention is better than cure” and that is true but growing up and becoming independent is about making mistakes and learning from them. The learning part is extremely important when recognising how to avoid getting into a similar situation again whether that is budgeting or dealing with debts, understanding areas of concern and being equipped with the necessary tools to tackle the situation will undoubtedly have some sort of impact of progression.

So, even though I have bigger ideas and visions for this little hub of mine, there is no time like the present. Im excited about this one. There is no better feeling like a weight is being lifted of your shoulders and I am blessed to be a blessing.

Here are a few useful website for Money management:

Money Saving


  • – Lots of tips and information to help you save cash and find bargains.
  • – A site where people give away stuff that they don’t want it anymore
  • – A website where you can earn money back from purchases made online.



Rights & Entitlements


  • – Information about your rights, similar to gov but more user friendly.
  • – Government information on a range of topics including benefits, housing, work rights and more
  • – Tax calculator; use this website to check how much tax and Ni you will have to pay when you start working.
  • – This website helps you manage your money and deal with money worries. They offer advice and signpost to other organisations that are able to help.
  • – Great website if you re applying for PIP (personal independent payment) as it shows you what questions you will be asked and what ones are important.
  • – Very helpful benefit checker and grant finding website.
  • & – Credit checking website free to sign up, user friendly.

Let me know if you found this helpful and how you got on.

Good Luck & Lots of love,

Akira Kay

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_

Sc: Itskiraah

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