Ok, so. Its the end of the week and this is my first blog post. I have been crazy busy and my main priority is to give my readers the content you deserve. Nevertheless its better late than never and on this gloomy Friday, as I sit at the office waiting in anticipation for my upcoming holiday, I think this post is appropriate.

I am meant to be flipping saving money *rolls eye* but you tell me how on earth a girls is supposed to turn down cheap flights. Ive booked a holiday to a secret location for my 23rd Birthday, its my first time travelling solo and I am all for cheeky little getaways as long as the price is right. But all will soon be revealed so Add me on snapchat or follow me on Insta to stay locked in on my travels.


I love going to new places, meeting new people, I think it really important to step out your comfort zone and be open to new experiences and cultures.

Experiences can bring joy during the moment and from memories after it can also give you different perspectives that can mould and shape who you are.
So, I encourage you all to step outside your comfort zone and do something that you would cherish forever.

Anyway, so Top 5 holiday destinations for 2019; the aim is to always visit and to step outside comfort zones, so:
#1 Cuba


Cuba is currently one of the most talked about holiday destinations. The vibrancy of the island is certainly a one in a life time experience. From beautiful sandy white beaches, the architecture, amazing music and vintage cars all give a sense of the real Cuba.
#2 Iceland


Now, I have never thought of a cold country as a holiday destination. However I’m aware that Iceland has some breathtaking landscapes and I would love to encounter the Northern lights. I have also heard that the blue lagoon is an amazing experience.
#3 Marrakesh, Morocco


I’ve heard Marrakesh is one of the best holiday destinations where you can make the most out of a tight budget. With cheap flights and luxurious accommodation, it is definitely a ‘must go’. It has great places to explore, learn and of course amazing food.
#4 Columbia


I am intrigued with the culture difference in Colombia and I am eager to experience it. Colombia is know for its people and hospitality. The scenery and beaches are to die for. However visiting Colombia without attending one of their festivals would be insane.
#5 New York


This one may seem like a no brainer but it is very important! When you Visit New York City, you are stepping into another world. Another way of life! New York literally has the best tourist attractions to offer, and what makes it even more amazing is that every street looks like a movie set. There are cultural influences throughout NYC and they are perfect for opening your mind to new things! Whats kind of food do you LOVE? Well, chances are you can find it when you visit New York City.

Where are you venturing of this year? Leave a comment and let me know.

If this post doesn’t convince you to take a flight, honestly I dont know what will lol.

Lots of Love,

Akira Kay

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_

Sc: Itskiraah


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