It’s that time of year again and I couldn’t be more excited. Excited to see progression and what 2019 has in store not only for myself but for my peers.  Theres no better feeling than being surrounded by individuals that are really working on elevating. Its motivating and weirdly contagious. Everyone seems to have this ‘coming for whats mine’ attitude and honestly I’m all here for it. Like ‘Yesssssssssss’ lets all get rich RICH together and enjoy life, clearly Im not the only person that’s tired of being broke.


To some people it may seem corny, cliche, this new year new me attitude and resolutions that are not often kept. But WHY – FRICKIN – NOT !!! Whats the harm in the idea and acknowledgment of wanting to better yourself?

“What we all need to do is mind our own business then maybe some of y’all businesses will start making moves. Tea anyone ?”

Despite the difficulties I’ve experienced on the wild roads of 2018. I just about dodged the anchor of depression on numerous occasions and often I pictured myself in a game of dodgeball; clumsy, tactical but still getting hit on a few occasions (clearly this is how I deal with issues) and wondered if I would be any good at it in the physical. Of course Ive made a few resolutions and set some goals. Resolutions that I’ll try my best to keep and goals I intend on keeping with the aim to bloodclart execute (excuse the language, I had to approach that with aggression, so the devil knows what I’m on).

tenor (1)

Every journey has been a learning curve (whether I like it or not) which has forced me to adapt, evolve and get to know who I am and what it is I really want for myself. It was clear that I was bored and in need of change.

Most of the time, we look for excuses and people to blame, when things aren’t really working out.  Personally, It took a while for me to acknowledge that only I could be held accountable and responsible for the now which in return has an effect on whats come.  And Its time to gain control, theres no excuses as to why you can’t reach your full potential now, you just have to put in the work.

Theres a few lifestyle changes Ive decided to work on. The word DISCIPLINE has been weighing on my heart and I have realised that this needs be my personal main area of focus and once its patterned things should start falling in place. Anyway enough about me lol.

What do you plan on working on this year? Or maybe you’re not too sure yet. Maybe you just want to see change and aren’t sure how to approach it.

Well here are 3 areas of focus that might just help get you started. I will explain the importance of  these area and how to execute it.

1. Meeting new people


Meeting new people and networking is very important for exposing yourself to potential new opportunities. You will never know the influence or impact that someone can have on your life that can possibly open new doors for both you and them.
Branching out is also an important aspect in moulding and shaping your personality and discovering who you are as a person. Your dislikes, the things you enjoy, what your good at and the things that you possibly find quite challenging. Meeting different types of people can increase your knowledge on different cultures and other topics.

How to meet new people?

  • Strike up conversations with strangers. Make a Goal to talk to at least one new person a day. Wherever that maybe; on public transport, in a park or even in the queue of a grocery store. You would be surprised about how many people appreciate a good conversation with someone new and You will never know where the conversation could lead to.
  • Join a meet up. There are Facebook groups that initiate meet ups with people who you may have a few things in common with. Blogger meet ups, book clubs, society clubs and general social groups.
  • Accept Invitations out to social gatherings. Nights out to a bar, restaurant or a party will never fail at giving you the opportunity to talk to someone new.

2. Self-Reflection


Self-reflection is like looking in the mirror and evaluating what you see. It’s a way of accessing yourself and your ways of working. It’s a key means of bettering yourself; understanding what motivates you, how you work,  and applying the necessary changes to reach success.

Why self-reflection is important:

  •  Developing a habit of self-reflection will allow you to become accustomed to analysing your work and feeling the need to improve your performance.
  •  Self-reflection is important for growth and development, enabling you to gain understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.
  •  It is key for pushing yourself to your maximum potential, being able to analyse your work insures that you have looked at all potential avenues.

3. Living in the moment


Life is too short to worry about the things of the past. Is the thing that you are worried about today, going to be still on your mind in the next couple of years?
If it’s not elevating you or motivating you, simply reflect on the situation. If you can’t solve or resolve it then don’t give it the opportunity to stress you out, simply let it go. Worrying does not change the outcome but instead it blinds you from living in the moment, enjoying yourself and appreciating those and what’s around you.

How to live in the moment?

  •  To avoid worrying about the future live in the present. Take each day as it comes. Savour the big things such as celebrating achievements and reaching goals, as well as the little things like cheeky deserts, family time or a night out with your mates.
  • Smile and laugh more often. Sometimes when we are angry and upset it can distract us from living in the present. Try to laugh and smile more to detract any negativity.
  • Be thankful. Yes, this is sometimes easier said than done and sometimes we can be so distracted by what is going on around us that we forget to appreciate the little things and often take it for granted. Being thankful and showing appreciation can be an act of kindness, that not only you feels good for but also the person on the receiving end.


And there we have it. Just like that.


Remain consistent and your bound to see changes and deservingly reap the benefits.        Feel free to message me. I wish you all the best for your happy new year.

Lots of love,

Akira Kay x

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_

Sc: Itskiraah

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