So firstly I would like to apologies, because this blog has been posted a week too late (rolls eye), considering what this post is about, I should be more motivated and consistent than ever when creating content for you guys. So tut tut, shame on me. My new years resolution will definitely be to do better and if I dont, tbh I’m only playing myself.

No you didn’t read wrong  LOL and  thats exactly what I had thought when I received the email. Akira-Kay x Debenhams. My first ever proper PR experience as a blogger with a major brand.


Honestly, I couldn’t believe it myself. Debenhams spoilt me to a VIP night at the Florence and The Machine concert to celebrate the festive party season #DoAbitOfDebenhams. Firstly before we get started, I thought it was a Joke and prank and I questioned those around me but before a bih got played, I decided to do some investigating.

Yes, I checked the address on google maps to insure it was the Debenhams head office and the same location on the email. Then I checked on google to make sure that the Florence concert actually existed with the correct Date, time and location and even though these details were all correct, I Still wasn’t convinced so looked up the sender of the email on Linked in & only then was I satisfied. Once I had realised that this was no fake email, I applauded myself as I wondered why I didn’t take up FBI as a career option sat back and cooly replied.


Its a bit weird really. I was confused as to why this opportunity had appeared. I lacked consistency with my blogging, my views had gone down and Im not as motivated as I used to be. However, I believe everything happens for a reason and of course I tried to look for a deeper meaning into what God was presenting to me and the reason behind it.

Im a huge fan of Florence & The Machine. Their was a period in my life where I had listened to her quite a lot. I had even seen her in concert once before, I loved her songs ‘Dog days’, ‘shake it out’ and a real personal favourite of mine ‘you’ve got the love’.

It was so much deeper than just music (far from what I usually listen to) there was something about her lyrics that projected an understanding of real life and I felt as though I could relate and thats not only because she is south London born and raised and that all of us South Londonders have that South London telepathy. Even though the genre of music is anything other than Gospel; every time I listened to her it reminded of Gods love, word and promises.

“Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, I know I can count on you
Sometimes I feel like saying “Lord I just don’t care”But you’ve got the love I need
To see me through”- You’ve got the Love.

When she sang this song, the overly emotional me silently cried a little. Tbh I had a few glasses of bubbly so it was inevitable. Nevertheless, protected by the dim lights and seated by the corner of VIP box, the other bloggers and Debenhams were completely unaware I was in awe of Gods work. I didn’t tell anyone what this opportunity had meant to me, and just like you guys, as they read this, they will learn something new.


It had been an extremely difficult year and as I sang along to “the Dog days are over”, it reminded me of how grateful I was for the opportunity. I chose items from Debenhams to wear to the concert. I wanted to buy for the occasion, but also wanted to buy items I needed. I desperately needed a winter coat and some new footwear. I searched the web for something eye catching but affordable, I was pleased with what I had picked and all i had to do now was find an outfit to go with it. LMAOOO a girl managed to get a whole outfit, and I mean a whole out. A hat, jacket, top, trousers and footwear, I was extremely  thankful and extremely pleased and not only with myself lol (because those were some really good buys, if i do say so myself).


I was nervous when I arrived at the venue. We were all meeting each other for the first time. Once conversations had kicked in, it was apparent the most of the girls was just as nervous as I was. The food was amazing, drinks and bubbly was on deck. Good vibes and good people. I think God was showing me the start of change, to trust in him.

To those that invited me at Debenhams, thank you for your acknowledgment. To the ladies I met that night, thank you for making it so enjoyable. To Florence, thank you for being true to yourself. To my readers, thank you for giving me your time. And as I am writing this, I swallow to hold back my tears of amazement, To my father God thank you for your goodness and grace.


With Love, Akira- Kay

Insta: AkiraKay_

Twitter: AkiraKay_

Sc: Itskiraah

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