We are all aware that times have changed. And with that nowadays most individuals don’t date. Well, sort of, but to be honest not really.

Dating sights, Social media and the ability to instant or live message allows people to connect and keep a regular update with each other’s lives. The lightning speed, constant activity and the ability to portray yourself as you please allows walls to be broken down easier and this can give a false impression of actually knowing someone.

Because of social media we don’t have to face eye contact or the necessity to respond immediately. If we want. Our response can wait, that’s until we can come up with the ‘perfect ‘answer.

Please let me know how on earth Netflix and chill become a world known trend. Is it even acceptable as a date? Chinese, Netflix, sex and knowingly in that order. Or is it just a common option because our generation is broke and dating can be expensive.

Can we blame social media and the easily broken wall for the three date rule (sex on the third date) or even dating someone without the need to engage in sex or anything sexual at all.

Does our generation feel as though they must engage in sex within a short period of time to hold on to a person because we are not quite sure of the status?

And why do we fear titles (I believe males are most commonly guilty of this)? Are we embarrassed or scared? By judgement of our peers. Commitment. The unknown, or the possibility that we could be missing out on something better and therefore blinded by the fact that the next best thing is only a swipe or DM away.

So lets talk about exclusivity.

If your dating do you think its acceptable to speak to or entertain anyone else?

One more question (Feel free to write your opinions In the comments). Is dating the same as seeing someone ?

Who doesn’t want something that is exclusive, that is what makes a relationship special right? – (Haha rhetorical question, because I really said one more)

But exclusive isn’t even exclusive anymore. You could be seeing a guy (or girl).  Snap in the passenger seat of the car with care not to give away too much clues on who you’re with, go on dates and engage in some wild sex. With a ‘commitment’ only to each other. Just without a title (roles eyes).

Oh no my dears, don’t get it confused with friends with benefits. This is a clear agreement between both parties, built on a solid foundation of “no strings.”

But yet females will be climbing mountains for the D (my participation to the D challenge lol), taking the role of a girlfriend or even wife trying to secure the “bag”, so to speak. And don’t play yourself we have all falling victim to it and (guys too but I shall speak from a females perspective, which probably is biased).

However, without a clear understanding on status, there is confusion.  Because my man, the guy your “seeing”, will still have problem if you chat to another guy or if your dress is too short. AND we think it’s cuTE BUT ACTUALLY IF YOU DEEP IT AND COME TO YOUR SENSES ITS FUCKED UP.

Sorry let me calm down. This is not an all men are trash post. we will save that for another time lol. But just don’t get caught up sis (and bro).

So lets be honest, does dating still exist?

Ermmmmm, maybe to an extent. But clearly there is a lot of confusion probably because of the lack of communication, that is evident from the start of not knowing if your dating someone or not. If you get me lol. If not try reading it again.

Comment and Let me know what you guys think.

Lots of love,


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5 thoughts on “Does dating still exist ?

  1. Hi there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Numerous people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!


  2. Of course dating still exists. Just because people meet online doesn’t mean they don’t date. Casual sex had always existed. It’s just a bit easier to facilitate now. People are still going out for dinner, drinks getting to know each other & forming relationships.


  3. Personally I don’t even understand dating I just spend my time thinking I like someone for a couple weeks because they give me attention but then I end up cutting contact with them either because I’m scared, bored or just cbb. I’ve been doing this for like over a year now I dunno if I have a problem 😂

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