This seems to be THE question coming out of EVERYBODY’s mouth around me. This was also the question I had in the first 20 years of my life. Yes, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was 10 years old… but I was always unsure of whether or not I can do it (since my confidence level is as high as a bug).

So… I went for teaching. I had to double major in an academic area, so I picked American Studies, which was really a mixture of almost every liberal arts subject you can think of (philosophy, music, art, history, political science etc.). I also tacked on a minor in political science just for the hell of it. Time went on with my majors and my love of American Studies grew and grew with every class, and my dislike of education grew and grew with every class, until the point where I couldn’t take another SECOND of teaching (which unfortunately happened during Student Teaching).

I then talked to my mom and expressed to her I still loved the law. Granted, I come from a family who’s (VERY) opinionated, and a family who’s saying is “my house, my rules” and she wouldn’t accept the fact that I wanted to be a lawyer. So she convinced me to go back to school. I tried Communication Disorders for a semester (absolutely HATED it; and didn’t really do well in the classes anyway). I then decided to try Accounting. I fell in love with the business law classes I had to take. I also was able to tolerate most of my accounting classes, enough where I could make a career out of it. I decided business law was THE WAY to go.

My mom and I had a long talk and said I still want to go to law school. She finally agreed, and to help me out, is also gonna pay for my paralegal certification to help me better prepare for law school.
While most of you don’t really have a story like I do, I do have some tips for you to kinda help you out.
You don’t have to declare a major right away, usually you have till Junior Year. So, my first and biggest tip is to take all your general education requirements first to see what you like.
Join Clubs. There’s usually a club for every major on campus, so join and get involved. ask people what they like/hate about the major, learn whatever you can.
Assess yourself. Love kids? Hate kids? If you hate kids, you may not wanna go into education. Hate math? Science, Math and Accounting majors may not be for you. Shy? May not wanna be a Communication major. Love solving problems? Maybe Math would be for you. Like helping people? Maybe Psychology would be for you. Like SVU? Maybe Criminal Justice would work for you. Did you play “school” all the time as a kid? Maybe you should go into teaching!

You can always change your major. One of my advisors told me she switched SIX times before she really figured it out. And remember… you can always double major! I know a bunch of people who majored in like, Psychology and Philosophy or American Studies and Math. It may seem weird, but it definitely opens doors up for you.

If you need any help, please feel free to email me. I have 9 years of college experience!

From Brianna Winning

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