It’s been a while since I have posted a blog but it’s literally because I’ve been working extremely hard trying to create the best content I can for you guys.

Today, I am writing from the comfort and warmth of Florida. I have recently embarked on a honest journey of self love. Putting my self first and concentrating on my own needs and ambitions may sound selfish but is really important for my elevation and growth. It also insures that i am able to deliver my brand to my audience at its full potential.

So why am I in Florida?

Family, fun and of course work.
It’s a time of reflecting and distressing.

As I share my Journey and most intimate moments with you through vlogs and posts, please take with you that life is too short not to live your best life.

Here’s a short Vlog of my plane journey from London Gatwick to Florida International. Big thanks to all the Thomson Cook crew that made it a pleasant flight and were willing to take part in my vlog.



Love, AkiraKay

Sc: ItsKiraah to follow me on my journey x


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