Being able to put the needs and wishes of others before your own, has always been considered as a positive trait to have. No one wants to be known as selfish, but to be considered selfless is a major key to having successful friendships and relationships.

However, personally with loving, pleasing and wanting to make those around you happy sometimes you end up neglecting yourself. You forget whats important for you, you forget your values, sometimes loose your self-esteem and left with a vivid picture of who you really are.


Self Love is a regard for your well being and happiness this is really important when retaining a healthy lifestyle. Neglecting yourself can lead to mental and physical health problems.

so how do you implement, self love?

  1. Self Respect –  Respecting yourself and other will respect you also. never compromise who you are for anyone or anything.
  2. Love – Look after your mental and physical health, travel, learn read, be kind.
  3. Forgiveness – Forgiveness is important for yourself as for the person on the receiving end. Try not to carry hate in your heart. It will only weigh you down.
  4. Courage – Dont be afraid to put yourself first.


You are important.

Lots of love,


sc: Itskiraah


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