It’s February and you can now officially start counting down until valentines.

The day of romance is to show your partner how much you appreciate them with an exchange of gifts.
Although, I feel as though it seems to have lost its essence. In our generation it has become a competition on who’s getting laid, who got the best gift, cutest outfits, baecations and who the side chicks and the cheats are.
Open signs of affection on social media of your spouse is often used to validate a relationship and supposedly gives it value.
The strength of a relationship is now unfortunately measured by the amount of effort that’s put into the day.
This however, can often lead to a relationship breakdown.

For those that are in situationships, have a friend with benefit or maybe the bit on the side Valentine’s Day maybe that sneaky opportunity to confirm your position.
The response and amount of attention you receive from your spouse on the day will no longer leave you uncertain.
Do you feel pressured to be cuffed ?

The single people normally have two attitudes towards Valentine’s Day and that is either “what’s all the hype about” or “Valentines, what’s that?.”
Loads of people undercover don’t want to be a lonely on valentines but I think that we forget that the day is about love as a concept and not your current status. And secretly loads of people are just undercover hating (but it’s ok your time will come boo boo).

So how do you survive Valentine’s Day?

If your single please make sure you avoid these 3 crucial things:

1. Avoid social media (Its bound to be valentines central).
2. Avoid braggers
3. Avoid couples

And actively on the day you can:

1. Treat yourself
2. Spend it with family or friends

Remember you aren’t alone. Valentine’s Day is only made for money.
And if your are in a relationship.

Go back to Baesics. Don’t feel pressured to prove your love for your partner to the world and don’t feel as though you have to compete with anyone. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your effort.

Good luck and Lots of love,


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