It’s 2017; this year for me is all about travelling. I love going to new places, meeting new people, I think it really important to step out your comfort zone and be open to new experiences and cultures.
Last year I hit a a personal target and travelled the most countries I ever had in a year. I was great full to visit the United States for the first time experiencing Florida and Atlanta as well as travelling to countries within the Eu such as Turkey and Amsterdam. It was amazing.

My aim this year is to travel more times than I did last year, visiting countries that I have never been to before. With a mission to grow, elevate and enjoy.

Here is my top 6 2017 Travel wish list:

#1 California, Los Angeles 🇺🇸


LA is known as a vibrant, surprising, beautiful city. Home to some of the world most famous celebrities, with the hottest places to go such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills the night life is definitely one to experience. Iconic sceneries, shopping districts and beautiful beaches. LA is defo a go to.

#2 Columbia



I am intrigued with the culture difference in Colombia and I am eager to experience it. Colombia is know for its people and hospitality. The scenery and beaches are to die for. However visiting Colombia without attending one of their festivals would be insane.

#3 Marrakesh, Morocco 🇲🇦


I’ve heard Marrakesh is one of the best holiday destinations where you can make the most out of a tight budget. With cheap flights and luxurious accommodation, it is definitely a must. It has great places to explore, learn and of course enjoy amazing food.

#4 Iceland 🇮🇸


Now, I have never thought of a cold country as a holiday destination. However I’m aware that Iceland has some breathtaking landscapes and I would love to encounter the Northern lights. I have also heard that the blue lagoon is an amazing experience.

#5 Italy 🇮🇹


Italy is known for Pizza, meatballs, lasagne, spaghetti and other amazing food. It is
also known for fashion, art, beaches, historic places and its passion for love. Rome & Venice is definitely a place to explore.

#6 Cuba 🇨🇺


Cuba is currently one of the most talked about holiday destinations. The vibrancy of the island is certainly a one in a life time experience. From beautiful sandy white beaches, the architecture, amazing music and vintage cars all give a sense of the real Cuba.

Have fun travelling. Lots of love,


Sc: Itskiraah
Insta: AkiraKay_

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