One of the greatest feelings in life is happiness. The English dictionary defines the adjective happy as; content, cheerful, joyful, care free, untroubled.
How someone reaches that level of happiness depends on there social choices and lifestyle.
Such as; socialising with peers, traveling, having children, work, money to things such as drugs and alcohol.
What determines someone’s success of your happiness is merely down to satisfaction.

Here are 20 steps to help you live a happier life :

1. Expand your comfort zone
2. Live with passion
3. Travel
4. Stop worrying about the future
5. Live in the moment
6. Believe in yourself
7. Self reflection
8. Be spontaneous
9. Meet new people
10. Network
11. Work Out
12. Step out of your comfort zone
13. Learn from your mistakes
14. Eat healthily
15. Do things you love
16. Think positively
17. Love yourself
18. Give more
19. Explore
20. Learn

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Love, Akira-Kay x

Sc: ItsKiraah
Ig: AkiraKay_

2 thoughts on “20 STEPS TO LIVING A HAPPIER LIFE !🌴🌞

  1. Literally was sitting here, thinking and a lil unhappiness came over me so suddenly at one certain point and I was like, in this particular area why aren’t I truly happy? What do I need to do?

    Then I just came across your post and definitely needed this encouragement,
    So Thankyou x


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