Hey guys !! 

I’ve got a little secret.. I love to cook. I actually think it runs in my family. Everyone just has the finger licking good magic hands lol I don’t even know what it is. But it definitely got passed down from my great grandmother and then generation to generation.

Mum, Great Grandmother, Gramdmother

So what do I cook ? No I’m not a chef but I think that cooking is a very important skill to have. I have a passion for cooking soul food (as I am Carribean girl) and anything hearty, I love a spag bowl.

So today, I am serving you guys my Recipe of a carribean cook up. Mackerel, fried dumpling and plantain. Simple, tasty and satisfying.


. 2 Tins of Dunns River Mackerel

. 2 Plantains

. Sweet peppers – green, red, yellow

. Cornmeal

. Self raising flour

. Thyme

. Black pepper

. Garlic powder

. All purpose seasoning

. Chilli powder

Let’s get Started !! 

Cooking the Mackarel..

Ok so, I started by cooking the Mackarel.

I firs chopped the onions and 1/2 of each sweet pepper. I added all these ingredients to a frying pan of hot oil and added a little bit of garlic powder, all purpose and black pepper.

Once the onions and peppers had cooked down to a golden brown colour, I then added the two tins of Mackrel. I also added a little bit more all purpose, garlic seasoning and chilli, insuring that the Mackerel didn’t taste salty. I stirred the ingredients together and left it to cook on a low fire for another 10 minutes then Hey.

The Fried Dumplings..

I then started on the fried dumplings. Tbh I did this all by eye and don’t have the exact measurements (see I’m that sick lol). I poured some self raising flour into a bowl, I added a bit of cornmeal and some a pinch of sugar. I then added water to the mixture  bit by bit until the dough became the right consistency (sticky).

Lastly, I created dough balls out of the mixture and added it to a preheated pan of oil. The dumplings cooked evenly on both sides until Golden brown.

Dice the Plantain !!

Finally, I left the plantain until the end because it’s the quickest and easiest thing to cook. I started by peeling and dicing the plantain into circles. I then again put it into a hot pan of oil and fried on both sides until golden brown.

The Hey presto your meal is finished.


Enjoy with a nice cool drink and some hot pepper sauce.

Hope you enjoy it.


Akira-Kay x

sc: Itskiraah

Ig: AkiraKay_

2 thoughts on “Cook it up with Akira-Kay!!

  1. I love some fried plantains! I am trying to cook food from different cultures because I am so tired of the same American type of stuff. I am currently obsessed West African cuisine. I can’t get enough of the spiciness, which I imagine Carribean food is the same way.Your meal looks so good! Thanks for sharing!


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