I don’t know, when your younger sometimes you don’t acknowledge or understand something until you get to a certain age and have a think back.


Well a few years ago it came to me, that my second foster career that my siblings and I had lived with for a couple of years was living a DOUBLE LIFE.

We lived in New Addington (this is the address of our registered placement). For the sake of this Story I will call the foster carer Pat. Pat was a relatively good foster carer, had a few backward rules (like no sleeping in the car) but she was ok.

Sometimes we stayed at her husbands house, (we shall call him bob) for weeks on ends. Lool as I write this I’m not sure why they didn’t live together. Anyway, he was a lovely guy, a very conservative person. His house was a bit boring because he had an old tv with only a handful of channels.

One day; whilst back at the house in New addington, my siblings and I were introduced to a guy who we shall call uncle Tim. Uncle Tim was very nice, he always gave us sweets and money. I think he was trying to buy our secrecy lol. He knew about Bob. Anyway, he now lived with us. I’m really not sure how the local authorities let Pat get away with this because I am sure he wasn’t CRB checked and they weren’t aware there was someone else living in the house.

Even though Pat instructed us to call him uncle, I was aware that the relationship between them both was far from anything of siblings.

I personally got comfortable with Tim being around the house, Way too comfortable.
That one day whilst staying at Bobs, I accidentally called him Tim. As the words left my mouth, I knew I had messed up. Pat gave me that “watch when we are alone” look and tried to rectify with Bob the problem that I had caused.

A part from the humorous side of this story.
I’m not sure if Bob ever found out about Tim and Pat.
Or if the local authorities ever found out about what Pat was doing or if they knew, why it was even allowed.

But I hope you enjoyed my story time.



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