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Who hasn’t felt as though they have wanted to give up ?

Sometimes when you don’t see your desired results in a specific area of focus you may start feeling overwhelmed, anxious and as though you have failed.
All of the above reasons can lead you to a place where you feel that your only option is to give up.

I definitely have experienced a time like this in my life. Not so long ago actually.
As a young girl growing up my loyalty and priority always lied with my mother and siblings. Due to separation issues, I was dedicated and determined to make myself responsible for getting my family back together.

I understood that in order to create a better life for my mother, siblings and I, education had to be put first. To my understanding, education was the key to success and success was our way out. I tried my best in school to get good grades, I tried my hardest in college and tried my hardest to stand out from the crowd and get noticed as the young lady that was “driven”. This included voluntary work & co curricular activities. Anything that involved networking and opportunities, I. was. there.
No, during this time period everything did not run smoothly. Tbh I wasn’t expecting it to lol. There were so many battles I faced. But I was determined. I knew what I wanted and I had a goal.

Unfortunately, when my mother passed in 2013 my sense of “knowing” disappeared. I no longer knew or understood what I wanted or my reason for working hard because everything I was doing, wasn’t for myself. So when that reason was no longer there, I felt a sense of loss. I was no longer motivated, enthusiastic or driven because the goal that I visioned was no longer possible.

I honestly felt like giving up. However these are the 3 ways I managed to keep going:


Self reflection is so important for acknowledging how far you have come. Reflection on each hurdle you’ve passed and each step you have made is allowing yourself to recognise progression. Therefore enabling you to keep your eyes on the prize (that’s your goal).


Yes it might sound basic but it’s more effective than you may think.Taking notes of info on your list such as how long a task may take or when you would like to achieve this task by is also a bonus. Writing down a TO DO LIST not only keeps you on task but it deletes procrastination and insures productivity. As well as lessening the chance of anxiety and most importantly gives a sense of purpose.

Lastly, I personally feel this is the most vital step..


It might sound silly, but how well do you really know yourself? It’s vital to understand how you work. What motivates you, makes you want to go out and make a difference?
Gets you out of bed and makes you feel excited and joyful? Once you find the answer to this (this might be a little scary but) your close to finding your purpose. These things will surely make it easier to wake up to do the things you love.

I hope these tips are as useful to you as they still are to me today.

Please feel free to comment any thoughts.

Love, Akira Kay x

2 thoughts on “3 ways to keep going when you feel like giving up!

  1. I will definately reflect upon the three points you put on. Very inspiring for motivation , Thankyou for Sharing your story Akira x I know you must be inspiring many who have gone through similar journeys as you , it also helps us gain an insight into your world x

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